Brighter Financial Solutions is here to provide a personal touch and give hope to clients feeling drowned by debt or financial hardships. Our main goal is to educate our clients so as to avoid feeling suppressed by debts. We coach them on how to maintain, negotiate and get out of debt.

Credit Rebuilding

If you have a lower credit score, it’s never too late to rebuild your credit. At Brighter Financial Solutions, we will go over your credit report with you, give you insight on how you can catch up with your outstanding payments, guide you on how to pay off your debt more quickly, and give advice on how to better manage your bills in the future. Your credit score plays a major factor in securing a loan for a mortgage or other large purchase, we can help you to get where you need to be!

Management Programs

Brighter Financial Solutions has the experience and knowledge to help you better manage your money and investments. We offer many different programs that will suit your personal financial needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you have a better understanding of your hard earned money.

Budget Management

Setting up, following, and managing a budget can be tricky, especially for major investments. The team at Better Financial Solutions will help you figure out the budget you can work with, take you through the steps of ensuring you stay within it, and help you have better control of your budget which will greatly reduce any risks.

Credit Counselling

If you are looking to better understand your financial situation, Better Financial Solutions is here for you! Whether you have a poor credit rating, credit card debt, missed payments, or have been refused of a loan, we can professionally and objectively go through your situation and create a plan to help steer you in the right direction.

Financial Restructuring

At Better Financial Solutions, we offer financial restructuring programs for individuals and businesses. We know that sometimes you are too focused on the big picture to realize small details that may be affecting your profit and money flow. When you come to BF Solutions, we can assist you by finding the underlying causes and help you restructure your financial plans to ensure nothing is missed.

Consumer Proposals

If you are struggling with debt then the team at Better Financial Solutions can help. We will create a consumer proposal on your behalf, which is a formal and legally binding offer to pay creditors either a percentage of what is owed and/or an extension of the time you have to pay off your debt.


Filing for bankruptcy as a final resort is a very stressful process, but you shouldn’t do it by yourself. The professional and compassionate team at Better Financial Solutions can help you go through the bankruptcy process and help you go through the next steps. Contact us today to help ease the stress of going through the process of bankruptcy.